In partnership with Taylor Made Farm


Is it true the idea for The People's Horse was hatched in a supermarket checkout line?


How did it happen?

At the register, we bumped into a down on his luck handicapper in Saratoga Springs, who told us about Ven Holiday, his sick horse, whom we later met.

What was so special about his sick horse?

Despite his illness, Ven Holiday had an upbeat attitude, strong spirit, and refused to give up. Check out Ven make his move here.


Then what happened?

Ven's sickness turned out to be too much, but we were inspired by this underdog horse, and we thought: How could we share the experience with our members? What if we got our own horse for True? 

Then what happened?

We launched a campaign to support the project and left for the Kentucky Derby with our own plastic mascot. Take a look. 

How did the True team partner up with Taylor Made Farm?

The horse world is notorious for being closed and insular. But unlike other farms, Taylor Made has a reputation for being innovators. Moreover, they are also part owners and manage the stallion career of California Chrome, arguably the greatest racehorse of his era and the original People's Horse for his underdog rise.

WHAT’S California CHROME’S back STORY?

Chrome defied the odds and inspired the masses. He was born on February 18th, 2011, and the experiment of two friends that had never owned a racehorse before, and so were so famously inexperienced they named their own stable Dumb Ass Partners. Early on, they and others noticed that their horse’s talent, alertness and desire to compete was so strong he dominated many of his early races and brought the world to its feet by coming only inches away from winning the Triple Crown, long considered the most difficult feat in sports.


During the fall and spring, easily the prettiest times of year in Kentucky, we plan a members-only Summit where members will not only be able to meet and check in on our baby foal get to learn about the thoroughbred world from farm and horse experts.

Any non-horse activities planned?

We always try and incorporate down home cooking, drinks and a festive atmosphere. Sharing ownership in a horse is supposed to fun!

When is the next Summit?

We've already secured our dates for June 8th, 9th and 10th. You coming?

What if you can't make the Summit?

We're planning a members-only People's Horse tour at Taylor Made Farm for BARNCHAMPS who want visit the Bluegrass on their own schedules.

If we come to Kentucky, do you all have recommended places to stay, see and visit in the Bluegrass?

Absolutely. We share our secret list of top spots to members, and hotels where they can receive discounts.


Yes. Each Membership Plan is annual and currently scheduled for renewal at the beginning of next spring.

How Long will this project take place?

Our plan is to finance the birth, training and first racing year for our horse.

What happens after the first year of racing?

As a club, we'll decide to either continue racing, retire our horse or seek a sale.

Who actually owns the horse?

The People’s Horse will be owned by the club and in partnership with Taylor Made Farm. Similar to horse owners, club members receive access of varying degrees to the horse along with voting rights on club matters.

Who decides the fate of our horse?

Taylor Made Farm are experts in the horse world and managers of our horse. Any major club decisions on our horse will be made by them and with the horse's safety in mind.


Yes. Nobody has ever done what we're trying to do, and we'd love to hear from the members about what kind of access, products and experiences they might like. Kindly send any and all ideas to members [at]


Horses often suffer from illnesses, ailments and accidents. It is a tradition that comes with no guarantees, and members should expect the unexpected. In the event our horse becomes sick, injured and unable to race, we have selected a number of retirement farms, and those amenable to visitors.


We’re optimists, but realists too. Horse racing is notoriously costly to participate and owners often struggle to win big purses. We’ll try our best, and have a lot at our disposal, but purses are not our mission. 

The purpose of the People’s Horse club is offer anyone the experience of horse ownership, to have fun, to learn and inspire a growing community. We are interested in forging a new bond between ourselves, our horse and each other.