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The Unlikely Journey of the People's Horse

We were just going about our lives.

We certainly never thought we’d buy a racehorse in the checkout line of a supermarket, especially after our magazine’s credit card was declined, but that’s how it happened. 

It was hard for us to resist the lure of a good character. 

“I’m like the Wizard of Oz,” he would tell us later. “I don’t come out into humanity very often.”

Before long, we were dreaming of horses. 

The more Joey talked about them, they took us farther and farther away from our urban lives....

a dream was born, as was our mascot.

our racing lounge in New York drew folks from far and wide to watch the Derby and join the movmement.  The great naming quest began....

Before long, we took our show on the road, headed south to horse country...

Turns out, our horse fit right in 

We got a rollicking recpetion in T, picking up new comrades left and right. 

Baltimore caught the fever too, with droves coming out just to touch the People's Horse. 

On the road we picked up some secrets of the sport and filled our notebooks with tips we'd need for the Herculean task ahead...

We also got to see the horse world in a different light, from the inside, it was a whole new view.

We weren't novices anymore ...


new development / horse filled?

introduce chrome

chrome blah blah

It's about intimacy & closeness

The People's Horse is open to anyone ... a revolution...