In partnership with Taylor Made Farm

About Us

The People’s Horse is a project run by Taylor Made Farm, the pioneering, full-service equine center in Lexington, Kentucky, and True.Ink, an experiential magazine, centered in New York. The goal of our project is to give everyone the joy, thrill and experience of owning a racehorse. Our mission is to grow a community that can be inspired by the power of a horse and each other.

Taylor Made Farm

Taylor Made Farm is among the largest and most pre-eminent equine centers in the country. Located on hundreds of acres in Nicholasville, outside Lexington, the farm facilitates every part of the racing business: breeding, boarding, foaling, public and private sales, special events, syndicates, an on-line store, even a golf course and restaurant. The company has sold over $2 billion dollars in horses over the years, and run by four brothers who were raised on a tobacco farm and committed to the ideology that the benchmark of success is supporting their customers. The farm hosts daily tours, which can be scheduled here.


A revival of the iconic adventure magazine from the 1930’s and 1940’s, the mission of True.Ink is to fuse dynamic storytelling with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Along with sailing General Patton’s schooner into the harbors of Havana and hunting for Genghis Khan’s missing tomb on the fringes of the Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia, the People’s Horse represents the magazine’s aim to “live the story,” and bring incredible adventure stories to life.